Just a glimpse at what you can possibly achieve.

Earlier this year it was my very good fortune to do a TAFE course with Jo Hinchliffe & I was bowled over by her energy & zest for life. One thing led to another & I discovered life had not always been so kind to Jo, dealing her the bowel disease card which led her to devise the diet that sees her today glowing & healthy.


"I want some of that" was my response & even though I did not suffer from an IBD I threw myself into the regime she sets out in her book & several months later there is now 10 kilos less of me to love, my energy levels are higher, I am sleeping better & I feel so much more aware of my body, breaking away from poor eating habits of before.  It has definitely given me a new lease on life, for which I am very grateful.


Thanks Jo!


Paul - Wonthaggi (Gippsland - Victoria)




Hi Jo,


I am 57 and have been following the principles outlined in your book - Nip It in the Bowel Bodywork - for about eight weeks now, and cannot believe how well I feel !


Previously, I suffered from reflux and stomach bloating and needed to take Pariot every night to relieve the symptoms.  Remarkably my symptoms have gone and I no longer take the Pariot on a regular basis.  This has also been beneficial for my bank balance as this medication is not cheap.


I find the program simple to follow and enjoy trying out the recipes (the whole family enjoy the variety ). Also the food charts are helpful when preparing my own recipes.


Thank you so much, Jo, there has been such a dramatic improvement in my digestive problems.


Rosemary (Wheelers Hill - Victoria)




Dear Jo,


I am 62 and recently suffered from a perforated colon, spending a very painful week in hospital on an IV drip of saline and antibiotics.  It was explained to me that the reason for the perforation was probably diverticulitis but that this would need to be confirmed in 6 weeks by a colonoscopy. When the time came the surgeon couldn't insert the camera as my bowel was still very infected.


But then my wife and I did some research and were introduced to your program - Nip it in the Bowel Bodywork. 


After following the principles outlined in your book for 7 weeks, I returned for another colonoscopy and this time the results were great.  All the infection was gone.


I look forward to controlling the diverticulitis in the future without drugs.


Thank you


Gary (Cape Patterson - Victoria)