You will leave the session with a multitude of ideas to work on to create a healthy body and mind.




This session addresses the ways in which Jo has achieved success in following the principles of food combining to control Crohn's disease without drugs or surgery.


It is also highly relevant to anyone who wishes to lose and maintain a trim bodyweight and those who wish to learn how to achieve maximum digestion and have optimum health.


Although informative, this session is packed with humour, colourful props and activities to illustrate how Jo controls an IBD and leads a happy, healthy balanced life.


You will laugh at her humorous anecdotes and her diverse props.


The audience will participate in some of the activities in a non-threatening, enjoyable way and leave the session with a multitude of ideas to work on to create a healthy body and mind.


  • Introduction/ brief explanation of ' Jo's story as a Crohn's sufferer'

  • Brief description of IBD

  • Humorous anecdotes of 'gas emission' situations as a visiting author in schools.

  • Medical management options for an IBD

  • Food combining founder, Howard Hay, 'The Hay Diet'.

  • Brief description of the digestion process

  • Alkaline /Acid pH

  • Food combining principles

  • Importance of water

  • Alkaline food charts / recipes

  • Example of one of Jo's weekly menus

  • Starter Guide / freezing food / food costing

  • Whole audience 'oral' activity with Jo: Party food list: what foods would you eat and in what order over a 5-6 hour period to maintain an alkaline pH?

  • Audience activity: Planning an 80% -20% alkaline / acid meal in pairs

  • Audience activity: Ready steady cook / 4 volunteers / make an 80%-20% alkaline-acid meal with paper foods in 3 minutes

  • Health foods: slippery elm, chia seeds, ground almonds, linseed, flaxseed oil, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D, herbal teas, ginger, lemon




This session will address with great colour, the 5 keys Jo uses to effect balance and purpose in her life.

She will explain the strategies used in the following areas of:


  • Fear and stress and the effects on the body

  • Purpose

  • Goal setting

  • Action plan

  • Positive energy

  • Wish maps

Through the symbols of: Glasses of Clear Vision, Boots of Strong Sturdiness, Ring of Solid Commitment, Shawl of Soft Nurture and the Hat of Learned Wisdom.