Three books that could change your life forever!




Nip it in the Bowel  - Bodywork

This book, full of information based on William Howard Hay's research into food combining, is packed with recipes, food charts, meal planners and humour to give you the tools for combining food to keep your body in an alkaline state.


Maintaining a balanced alkaline Ph will allow you to live a gas free, bloat free, pain free life.


It will also allow you to keep a trim body weight and enables you to still eat your favourite foods, but in a different way.






Nip it in the Bowel - Mindwork


In this book I have collated the techniques and strategies I have used for many years to help me work through fear, anxiety and stress which bring on an IBD outbreak and exacerbate the spread of inflammation and ulceration of the bowel.

Learn how to create a mandala and find the keys to open the doors to a happy, healthy, balanced life.




The word 'mandala' comes from one of the oldest texts known to man, Sanskrit. Translated, it means circle, wholeness. It is a complete symbol in itself.


However, mandalas are not just pretty paintings in a circle. A mandala is comprised of many different images, shapes, patterns and colours, all of which convey a certain meaning. It is an ancient form used in many different religions and cultures.


Mandalas have fascinated humankind for centuries. They vary in complexity and in their use, and can be found in architecture, (for example in the layout of our capital city, Canberra) the ornate ceiling roses in our homes and the stained glass windows in our churches. Whenever they are used, we gain a feeling from the art form other than the initial visual impression.


Carl Jung used mandalas as a means of accessing the subconscious mind. By contemplating a mandala, a degree of insight can be obtained. They are visual stories that express aspects of the self. Working on mandalas can bring to consciousness some of your inner self and there is often a great sense of achievement and, at times, a feeling of peace and knowing.


I have been using mandalas as a form to create poems for over 20 years when working with children and adults. (See my website for Mandala Poetry.)


The mandala of health and happiness at the start of this book shows the unification of vision, self-love, determination, commitment and wisdom giving balance to your soul.






100 tools to help you cope with a lifestyle change OR quitting a bad habit.


In this 'toolbox', I have provided a collection of 'tools' to help you through the process of building a lifestyle that will be strong and well balanced with a sturdy frame constructed to withstand any storm. Just as a builder prepares the framework for a house, we all need to prepare a framework that will hold our own particular 'house together in times of bad weather when we are confronted with challenge and change.


The main foundation of your house will be your own 'mindwork' and your attitude to the construction you are taking on. Whatever it is you need to change in your life, it is possible to achieve by changing your way of thinking and putting a plan together to achieve your goals. Whether it be changing your job or a job loss, retirement, quitting a bad habit or just feeling empty, stuck or what I call sinking into a void, there are tools available to help you succeed in finding balance and happiness in your life.


I have been in all these situations throughout my own life, (with the exception of retirement), and have used many of the tools in this toolbox to build a basis for each life change.


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