How I learnt to control my conditions without the need
   for medication or surgery.


I am not a dietician, naturopath, food scientist or doctor, but by research and the implementation of food combining, I have learned how to control my condition of ileitis, colitis and Crohns disease without the need for medication or surgery.


In a matter of months I changed a colonoscopy diagnosis of these three bowel afflictions to a colonoscopy diagnosis of, 'no evidence of ileitis, colitis or Crohns'.



Even though there is NO CURE for any IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), I am living proof that it is possible to keep an IBD at bay if you learn how to 'Nip it in the Bowel'.


I have spent the last 30 years in education, most of those as a poetry specialist and author in schools. I have been a speaker addressing hundreds of teachers, giving them myriads of poetry forms to model to their students as well as working with thousands of children in classrooms over the years.


I have obviously had IBD for decades as I was always racing to staffroom toilets in great pain while emitting clouds of noxious gases into the environment. I had tests, ultrasounds, prodding and poking but until my first colonoscopy in 2008, no-one was able to give me a correct diagnosis.


When my condition was confirmed, I decided to research the aspect of Crohn's and IBD, determined to find options for treatment other than medication and surgery. I researched and experimented with the aspect of food combining, formerly founded by Howard Hay M.D, a New York doctor, in 1920. His diet is well known and followed by thousands of people today. It is called the 'Dr Hay diet.


I had my second colonoscopy in April 2009, 5 months after my first diagnosis and after 2 months of consistent food combining to maintain an alkaline pH balance in my body.


 I had not only been following the principles of food combining, but had also taken no medication for 6 weeks .


My colonoscopy diagnosis stated 'no evidence of ileitis, colitis or Crohns'. 


I have continued on this path now for nearly 2 years, with more energy than I can remember, a shedding of 10 unwanted kilos with no pain, bloating or gas and no need for medication or surgery.


I now address audiences on the aspect of food combining, maintaining an alkaline pH    balance, retaining humour and finding the keys to open the doors that have lead me to a healthy, happy, balanced life.


I have written two books, that together, contain the strategies I use to enable me to live a happy, healthy life, eat all the foods I love, and maintain a fantastically trim body weight: Nip it in the Bowel, Bodywork and Nip it in the Bowel, Mindwork (SEE BOOKS )


I believe that my story and current lifestyle is applicable to not only people suffering from an IBD, but to anyone who wants to eat correctly for maximum digestion, enjoy tasty meals, lose or maintain weight and learn how to create balance in their life.


May we meet along the way and celebrate the possibility of INTESTINAL FORTITUDE.


Just imagine I.F.


BEST WISHES Jo (a.k.a Blissful Bowel)


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