Learn how to achieve optimum health and control inflammatory bowel disease without drugs or surgery.




Controlling inflammatory bowel disease without drugs or surgery.


I am one of many people who have an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

I have written and published two books that illustrate the techniques I use to control an IBD without medication or surgery. I easily monitor my condition and lead a happy, healthy, pain free life.


I am not a dietician, naturopath, food scientist or doctor, but over several months of research and implementation, I changed my condition from a colonoscopy and pathology test diagnosing Crohn's disease, ileitis and colitis to a colonoscopy diagnosis 5 months later stating no evidence of Crohn's, ileitis or colitis.


Even though there is no cure for an IBD, I am living proof that you can keep a bowel condition at bay if you learn how to, 'nip it in the bowel'.


I am able to eat all the foods I enjoy, but in a different way.


I have lost 10 kilos of excess weight and maintain a trim body weight.



My new lifestyle is not only applicable to IBD sufferers, but to anyone who wants to:

Eat correctly and aid optimum digestion



Lose or maintain weight

Attain high energy

Have normal bowel movements, clear skin and a fabulous breath



Learn strategies to alleviate fear and stress


I have become Blissful Bowel!


I wish you health and happiness and a life free from pain, bloating, gas and medication.